CYCA – Ticket Sales Subcommittee


Ticket Sales Subcommittee members are responsible for mailing invitations and selling tickets. Ideally, the subcommittee is well connected in the community, has excellent verbal communication skills, and is not afraid to sell. They understand the importance of putting bums in seats. Works closely with the Ticket Sales to develop a VIP and General guest list. Capitalizes on personal and business connections of Ticket Sales lead to strategically reach out to specific individuals. 


  • Updates invitation list and pursues all avenues to create a broader audience
  • Build a reach out list for potential Gala attendees.
  • Using exemplary organization skills, maintain a record of who has been sent: a Save the Date invitation, a formal email invitation, and who has purchased tickets.
  • Manage the distribution of invitations and tickets in the most cost-effective and efficient manner
  • Drafting standardized email openers for reach outs: hot, warm, and cold. 
  • Keep track of ticket sales and build strategy based on what works and what does not.
  • Ensure accurate account of tickets sold and tickets to be sold.
  • Filling ticket orders and duties as assigned.
  • Close coordination with Event Producer to ensure seats sold are accurately represented in the Event Floor plan.
  • Knowledge of customer service standards and procedures.
  • Ability to read and interpret event seating charts.
  • Ability to take orders and impart information over the telephone.
  • Ability to operate a computerized ticketing system.
  • Attend Gala in active event role.

To Apply:

Please send an expression of interest email with subject line: “CYCA Committee Volunteer” to Alena Schock at describing your interest in the CYCA and what you would bring to the role.

Please call 403.428.4560 if you do not receive a follow up within a week of application. Server protections can potentially inhibit external content delivery to our team.


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