CYCA – Silent Auction and Raffle Prize Committee


Secures donations from the community that will be sold through live and silent auctions. Members will create a list of reach outs and will identify the most sought-after items based on data from past events and seek new and exciting items to compliment the Gala auction success. Silent Auction and Raffle Prize Committee members have the gift of getting something for nothing, knowing that a little charm goes a long way, and look for opportunities to inspire, motivate and infuse energy into all asks. Organisation is a key factor in the success of this role. Previous experience organizing an auction is an asset but not necessary for the success of this role.  


  • Reporting to the Sponsorship Lead work to establish auction and raffle fundraising goal.
  • Develop a list of potential items that fit the theme of the event and have the potential to sell for its stated value or more.
  • Create a database of potential donors, including up-to-date contact information and history of donations collected.
  • Create or update a handbook for Committee members that provides information on the event, protocols for making requests, request letters, donation commitment forms, and tax receipt guidelines.
  • Create auction list, including item description, value and any related restrictions.
  • Work with Communications & Marketing team to update website as new items come in.
  • Develop and print an auction catalogue for internal use only at event.
  • Track and report the promised benefits to Sponsors and Gift in Kind donations.
  • Create a video or photo presentation of live auction items that will be shown prior to and at the event.
  • Organize and prepare items for silent auction and live auction display.
  • Create online bid sheets and determine minimum bids, if applicable.
  • Establish opening and closing times for auctions and moving of items to the designated check-out area.
  • Coordinate spotters, payment clerks, runners, and check-out clerks.
  • Work with Gala Chairs to establish auction rules and payment options and policies.
  • Prepare summary of yield for Financial tracking and Committee reporting.
  • Send thank you notes to all auction items donors.

To Apply:

Please send an expression of interest email with subject line: “CYCA Committee Volunteer” to Alena Schock at describing your interest in the CYCA and what you would bring to the role.

Please call 403.428.4560 if you do not receive a follow up within a week of application. Server protections can potentially inhibit external content delivery to our team.


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