Adam’s Story – MASST

The Multi Agency School Support Team (MASST) is an early intervention, school-based program that supports children (5-12 years) who are exhibiting behavior which puts them at risk for negative, possibly criminal patterns of behaviour or victimization into teen years. Recently, one of the MASST teams reached out to us to share a great success story about one of their clients, Adam.

Adam (name changed for confidentiality) like so many other students loves video games, connecting with his friends, and staying up late. Adam, unlike other students, has faced significant adversity in his life including living through family disruption and poverty.

Adam became involved in MASST to help him achieve success at school due to the challenges he faces. From his involvement in the program the MASST Team identified that he needed a safe, reliable way to get to school. Through donor support, via CPYF, the MASST Team was able to provide him with a brand-new bike and helmet. Adam had not owned a bike in over two years and also has some physical challenges, which makes being active difficult for him. Biking is one of the few physical activities he can do pain free.

Over the summer, Adam was worried about how he would get to school on his new bike. With the help of his MASST Team, Adam set a goal to ride independently to school by September. Over several weeks, his team practiced with him and Adam was so happy when he finally made it to school on his bike! This may sound like a small thing, but for Adam this was a big step forward. He is now physically active in a safe pain-free way, and able to attend school every day.

Thank you to our donors, as your support has helped Adam stay well with the generous donation of a bike.


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