Meet Our K9 Photographers – Kimberly

Photographer Name: Kimberly Parsons

Photography Business: Lazy Dog & Co.

Social Media Handles: Instagram: @lazydogandco Facebook: Lazy Dog & Co.

Photography Inquiries:

How many years have you provided volunteer photography services to the CPS K9 Calendars? This is my rookie year!

What got you into photography? I went to school for fashion design and had my own clothing line for a while. I realized that taking my own photos of my clothes would be way cheaper than hiring a photographer every season. I started doing my own photoshoots and fell in love with taking snaps.

What is your favourite shot from this year’s K9 Calendar? The photo of Kina looking over the city with her handler. The light was perfection. (see below)

Kimberly’s Favourite Photo

Do you have any tips when it comes to photographing service dogs? Come with a unique idea is mind and have fun – it’s not often you get to work with dogs that listen so well and are so well behaved.

Do you have any good/funny stories from this year’s shoots? I did a shoot with three dogs at the Fairmont Palliser. At the time, the historical hotel was shut down due to Covid. Shooting at places like this are super magical. It was a bit eerie as it felt like we were being followed by ghosts. Such a cool shoot!

To see more of Kimberly’s amazing shots, pick up your 2021 Canine Calendar today at your local Safeway and Sobeys store or order online at!


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