Youth Views – #2

Led by the Calgary Police Foundation, a Youth Advisory Group was created with former CPF program participants so that they can share their views on what matters most to young people in Calgary. We hope that as this group continues to grow, we can share even more of their “Youth Views” with all of our supporters!

Following one of our meetings earlier this year, we asked the youth a few questions. Take a look at what one of the respondents had to say below!

How has the Calgary Police Cadet Corps Program helped you?

The Calgary Police Cadet Corps helped me learn the necessary skills I need to be an active leader in my community and help those around me do the same.

To stay safe from crime and victimisation in Calgary, what do you think all children and youth need?

To stay safe from crime and victimization I think all youth and children need a good role model(s) to support them during the difficult decisions they will have to make eventually and be the example of what an upstanding citizen is.

If you were to meet the funders of the CPS Cadet Corps Program today, what would you say?

If I were to meet the funders of the Calgary Calgary Police Cadet Program I would say, thank you for providing myself and the other cadets a place to make friends and develop the skills we need into our adulthood, and that more programs such as the Cadet Program should be considered as to reach more children and create more future leaders.

To support programs like the Calgary Police Cadet Corps, and our other Calgary Police Foundation funded programs, become a Promising Futures monthly donor! Visit our website to learn more and to sign up today! Link:


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