Vesko Kicovic

Recipient of the Chief’s Youth Courage Award for the Power Play Program

The Power Play Chief Youth Courage award is presented to a participant who shows commitment to the program with regular attendance and who has created a strong relationship with fellow participants and Calgary Police Service officers. All of this can be said for our award recipient, six year old Vesko.

Vesko came to Power Play facing some personal struggles. He was feeling lonely and wanted friendship and connection. He was also feeling sad and depressed about his mother’s medical condition, sometimes to the point of tears. Since joining Power Play, program leaders have seen such incredible growth in him personally and with his skating ability. Vesko had never skated before coming to Power Play but was eager to learn! Through his strength and perseverance, Vesko is now a great skater and regularly engages fellow participants in games on the ice. Vesko has also really come out of his shell at Power Play. He has made a ton of new friends on and off the ice, and prides himself on never leaving anyone out of the fun.

At home, Vesko’s mother tells us he is a happy and resilient young boy and his now almost constant smile brings her joy, as before PowerPlay, she saw her son as someone who felt bullied and was often sad. Now, Vesko has found happiness and has been a huge help to her while she deals with her own medical struggles. The Calgary Police Officers at Power Play have also had a positive impact on Vesko. They were able to support him by teaching him to skate and make friends while talking with him to help ease the burdens on his young shoulders. Vesko now considers all of the PowerPlay officers his very close friends and knows he can go to them with any problems he is facing. Ultimately, Vesko has truly thrived at Power Play and he continues to be a positive, inclusive presence in the program.


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