Youth Views

Led by the Calgary Police Foundation, a newly formed group of Calgary youth have found a place to share their views on what matters most to young people in Calgary. Responding to a call for volunteers, five former CPS Cadets recently met with CPF and CPS representatives to discuss strategy to inform and educate decision-makers on youth issues of today as it pertains to crime and victimisation.

We hope that as the group grows, we can continue to share with you our readers “Youth Views” in every CPF E-News. Following our first meeting in February we asked the youth a few questions. Take a look at what one of the responders had to say!

The Calgary Police Service Cadet Corps Program helped me to…

become someone who I am proud of. As a former cadet, the program was more than just a place to make friends and have fun. When I reflect on the skills that I’ve held onto and the lessons that I learned through perseverance, these experiences have changed the way I think and feel about who I am and where I have the potential to go. It has also helped me to continuously hold myself to the same high yet achievable professional standards that the program’s coordinators and civilian instructors expected from me.

To stay safe from crime and victimisation in Calgary, I think all children and youth need…

to develop strong support systems, which act as protective factors against criminogenic tendencies. Whether it be a lack of friends at school, or emotionally unavailable parents, there are several factors that set the stage for weak social bonds and increase the likelihood of youth forming stronger delinquent bonds.

If I were to meet the funders of the CPS Cadet Corps Program today I would say…

If one’s risk of engaging in crime is influenced strongly by the experiences, behaviours, and attitudes of others, than there should be a heightened need to ensure that youth are exposed to positive influences and interactions through programs like the Cadet Corps.


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