Our Story – The Calgary Police Foundation Beginnings

In 2011, three inspired and motivated individuals shared a vision to change the future for children and for Calgary. A local Calgary philanthropist, the Calgary Police Commission Chair at the time, as well as the Calgary Police Chief wanted to build a safer Calgary; a Calgary where children had the opportunity to live a life free of crime and victimisation. To achieve this, they identified the need to put crime prevention initiatives in place to reach children of all ages. 

In no time at all, our early Founders had rallied support from like-minded individuals, community partners, and philanthropic families to generate funding which led to the YouthLink Calgary Police Interpretive Center we know and love today, as well as the Calgary and Area Child Advocacy Centre.  With those organisations firmly established, the Calgary Police Foundation in partnership with the Calgary Police Service was able to focus on other longer-term goals to reach children of all ages with a broad spectrum of supports. The Programs that exist today provide vulnerable and at-risk children with the tools and resources they need to avoid a life of crime or prevent them from becoming a victim of it.

Throughout the years, the Calgary Police Foundation has experienced incredible growth. We currently serve over 9,250 children each year. Through the diverse programs we fund, we are able to create wrap-around support for vulnerable children that can help them navigate the challenges of adolescence; such as avoiding gang recruitment, providing knowledge on safe cyber practices, learning about healthy relationships and conflict resolution, providing access to healthy and nutritious meals, supplying mental health and psychological support, improving their physical well being, and so much more.

The most exciting part is that our work is just beginning! As the Calgary Police Foundation continues to grow and more like-minded donors lend us their support, our reach can continue to expand, and more and more youth can access the services and resources they desperately need. Now is the time for all Calgarians to get involved and help our youngest citizens live the best life possible!

To donate, or to learn more about how you can support the Foundation, please visit http://www.CalgarypoliceFoundation.ca!


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