Chief Youth Courage Awards Gala – Award Criteria

The MASST Chief Youth Courage Award

Criteria: The MASST Chief Youth Courage Award will recognize a child who demonstrates many positive attributes including kindness to others and high trust with Calgary Police Officers and other authority figures. The nominee is an active participant in pro-social activities including physical education and healthy choices.  The MASST child knows how to ask and receive help if it is needed for him/her or their family members. A MASST child understands what a crime is and what activities could cause them or others harm. A MASST child makes good choices and is demonstrating behaviors worthy of a committed citizen.

Nominators: Any member of the CPS MASST Team

About: MASST – Multi Agency School Support Team (MASST) program is an early-intervention initiative.  MASST supports children five to twelve years of age who are exhibiting behavior that puts them at risk of criminal activity or becoming a victim. The children and their families work closely with teams of police officers, social workers, and health care professionals, often for extended periods of time. MASST has three goals: (1) decrease the likelihood of children being involved in a negative or possibly criminal pattern of behavior or victimization into teen years (2) increase collaboration among police, schools, and other agencies in addressing crime prevention and student/family resiliency (3) change the perception of MASST-involved children and families around the role of police, social workers, and other helping professionals.

The ISSP Chief Youth Courage Award

Criteria: The ISSP Chief Youth Courage Award will recognize a child who thrives in a diverse school and community. This child will respond well to the wrap-around support of ISSP which will be evident from their academic performance and their social, emotional, and physical well-being. The ISSP child will demonstrate resilience to live well and manage factors outside of their control including poverty, negative family situations, and peer influence. They will be gentle, caring, hard-working, sensitive, and thoughtful. They will use their initiative to overcome problems and will communicate openly with Calgary Police Service members and educational staff.  The ISSP child is on the path to become a responsible and caring citizen.

Nominators: Any member of the CPS ISSP Team

About: Integrated School Support Program (ISSP) is a crime prevention initiative that is intended to provide essential services to address a variety of needs in a diverse school and community.  The goal is to improve academic performance and the social, emotional, and physical well-being of children. The objective is to provide the necessary wraparound supports in the school, including a positive police presence, on-site psychologist, physical education teacher, social worker, access to a health clinician, breakfast and lunch programs, and after-school programs.  Other long-term objectives include child-care, pre-natal support and education, providing support for community projects, and creating parent programs that address needs as identified by community members. It is a collaborative initiative funded by the Calgary Police Foundation and led by Calgary Police Service with the Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Catholic School District, and the City of Calgary’s Community and Neighborhood Services.  Together, these agencies provide critical 360-degree support to youth and their families.

The YARD Chief Youth Courage Award

Criteria: The YARD Chief Youth Courage Award will recognize a youth who values interpersonal relationships, strives for good mental health and wellness, and who works hard to acquire life skills and participate in pro-social activities. They will be able to make good relationship choices favoring those who live a crime free life and exemplify responsible behaviors. They will be able to resist and avoid those influences which could lead them to criminal activity. The YARD youth will follow legislation as it pertains to alcohol and drugs, and know how to seek help and assistance if this becomes a problem in their lives.  They will be able to problem solve and manage complex life situations, and have a plan to complete their education.  They will look forward to their future and have a career goal in mind.   They will be trustworthy, reliable, versatile, and practical. The YARD nominee may be a youth who has completed the program and by way of follow up checks is demonstrating positive behaviors that will have a lasting impact on his or her life.

Nominators: Any member of the CPS YARD Team

About: The Youth at Risk Development (YARD) program is a community-based, early intervention program that supports youth ages ten to seventeen who are currently at risk, affiliated with a gang, or involved in gang activity.  YARD is delivered in partnership by the Calgary Police Service (CPS), the City of Calgary – Calgary Neighborhoods (CN), and Alberta Health Services (AHS). The five YARD teams, which include an Indigenous focused team, consist of a police officer and a registered social worker who work closely with the client, their families, schools, and community agencies. The teams are supported by a CN Youth and Family Support Worker and AHS Clinician. YARD develops an individualized case plan for each youth based on their unique circumstances to assist them in avoiding or leaving the gang lifestyle.  Participation in the YARD program is voluntary.

The Cadet Corps Chief Youth Courage Award

Criteria: The Cadet Corps Chief Youth Courage Award recognizes a Cadet who demonstrates integrity and is service-minded. The Cadet loves learning and is an enthusiastic participant in the Cadet program. He/She is a strong team player and will be working hard with a broad skill set including negotiation and conflict resolution ability. The Cadet will possess strong mental agility with demonstrable empathy and compassion for others.

Nominators: Any member of the CPS Cadet Corps Team

About: The Cadet Corps is a youth mentorship program, allows the cadets and their families to connect with their community and learn about the elements of community-based policing from serving Calgary Police members.  The Cadets develop a great sense of pride and discipline through their involvement in a hierarchical system that hones their leadership and citizenship skills.

The YouthLink Chief Youth Courage Award

Criteria: The YouthLink Chief Youth Courage Award will recognize a youth who has applied the learning and knowledge gained through YouthLink resources and introduced living well strategies in their life. They model behaviors of a good citizen. They value kindness and have compassion for others. They say no to drugs, they are informed, assertive, and bold, they show courage to resist the detrimental influences of their time.  They impact others in their peer group in a very positive way.

Nominators: Any member of the CPS YouthLink Team

About: Together, with the Calgary Police Service, YouthLink Calgary delivers relevant and captivating content, provoking youth to confront the issues of their time, make positive life choices, and become responsible citizens in their communities.  YouthLink Calgary plays a critically important role in the education of youth and families.  Students learn about pressing and current issues, and become empowered to make good decisions.  Powerful and interactive educational exhibits focus on gangs, drugs, bullying, online safety, healthy relationships, and forensics.  Our Safe for Life Zones use credible information provided by CPS members and stories from Calgarians to educate Calgary youth in four core areas: Drugs, Gangs, Online Safety and Healthy Relationships. The educational resources are intended to build awareness on how to recognize the dangers, understand how certain actions can lead to consequences, and most importantly youth learn how to seek help at a time when it is most needed.

The Power Play Chief Youth Courage Award

Criteria: The Power Play Chief Youth Courage Award is awarded to a Power Play participant who is committed to the program, demonstrates regular attendance, and has a good relationship with Calgary Police officers. He/She responds well to physical fitness, is keen to learn new skills, and is able to work well with others in the peer group. This child/youth is motivated, versatile, and capable.

Nominators: Any member of the CPS Power Play Team

About: Power Play is a free, weekly, drop-in hockey (winter) and soccer (summer) program that engages youth ages six to seventeen and their families.  The program helps foster trust and understanding between youth and police to diverse and marginalized Calgary communities.  Power Play hockey and soccer provides children the opportunity to learn and experience basic hockey/soccer skills while interacting with Calgary Police officers in a safe and supportive environment.  It provides Calgary’s vulnerable youth healthy, sport related activities during critical after-school hours, a time when they are most frequently exposed to high-risk and criminal behavior. 


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