Calgary Police Foundation Philanthropic Leader Award (PLA) Criteria

Criteria:  The Philanthropic Leader Award will recognize an individual who has the courage to care and through their efforts have influenced change at the community level so that the lives of many are enriched.  This community leader will exemplify the spirit of giving, demonstrate integrity in their actions, show compassion, and hold values that align with the Calgary Police Service and the Calgary Police Foundation. They will be respected in the Calgary area and recognized as a community leader. They will be known among other things as a pioneer who advances philanthropic support to the charitable sector. An individual who contributes their time, talent, and treasure for the benefit of others. A renowned humanitarian whose actions have left a blue print so that those who follow may prioritize support for the welfare of our city’s children and youth.

The Philanthropic Leader Award from the Calgary Police Foundation (CPF) is a prestigious social impact award that is presented annually by the Chief Constable of the Calgary Police Service. It is intended to recognise and celebrate a great community leader of charitable progress for youth. The initiative identifies and evaluates individuals and families in twelve major categories:

  • demonstrates the spirit of giving;
  • are inspiring;
  • have integrity;
  • are a champion of children and child-related causes;
  • exhibit values that align with CPF and CPS;
  • are compassionate;
  • are a community leader;
  • demonstrate humanitarian efforts;
  • instills philanthropy of time, talent, and treasure in their corporate culture;
  • values giving back and has influenced their children and/or others to also get involved
  • are respected in the community; and
  • are pioneer in advancing philanthropic support to the charitable sector

The Philanthropic Leader Award distinction is bestowed upon an individual or family whose time, talent, and treasure have made a significant impact on the Calgary Police Foundation and on the community.


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