Monthly E-News – November 2019

Welcome to the very first Calgary Police Foundation E-News, an electronic newsletter developed for our strongest supporters who are motivated to build a brighter future for our city’s most vulnerable children.  

The E-News is the best way to stay informed about the difference you are making and to learn more about the youth we are able to reach through the prevention, education and early intervention programs funded by the Calgary Police Foundation’s generous donors.

To help us shape the content for future editions, we want to hear from you! Let us know what you would like to see in our upcoming newsletters, we have some ideas to choose from below:

  • The Calgary Police Foundation, the incredible start-up story about how and why a small group of caring citizens with vision and leadership formed the charity to help vulnerable youth in our city 
  • Understanding the impact and the difference you, our supporters, are making
  • How you can get involved
  • Reader’s choice and monthly topic of interest

Email your suggestions and ideas to!


The Calgary Police Foundation is only able to provide impactful programming for our youth because of our incredible, kind hearted, and generous donors. This month we would like to say a sincere thank you to the following organizations for their commitment to keeping Calgary kids safe from crime and victimization:

We would also like to extend a special shout out to TC Energy who renewed their commitment to the Calgary Police Foundation for three more years! Thank you for your generous support!
TC Energy announces their three year commitment to CPF at Spruce Meadows.

TC Energy has had the privilege of working with the Calgary Police Foundation (CPF) and its Integrated School Support Program (ISSP) since 2016. We have seen them achieve remarkable results through this comprehensive program that supports the mental, physical, academic and emotional needs of youth and their families in Calgary. The impact ISSP is making can’t be understated, and we are thrilled to continue our partnership with CPF to build strong communities.” – TC Energy

Thanks to you, our donors, Naqvi was able to join the Calgary Police Cadet Corps

Like many of Calgary’s vulnerable and at-risk youth, Naqvi was a troublemaker and hanging out with the wrong crowd. That is when his parents enrolled him into the Calgary Police Cadet Corps.

At first, it was the absolute last place Naqvi wanted to be. He was angry at his parents. He had no interest in policing, wearing a uniform, standing at attention, or taking orders from his peers.

As he became more involved with the program, Naqvi started changing his attitude, his behaviour, even his body language. As time marched on, he engaged more, and gained an understanding and appreciation of camaraderie. Soon Naqvi was working effectively in a team, learning new skills, and partaking in adventures he had never been exposed to. He was developing as a person and as a leader.

Naqvi admits that if it were not for the Calgary Police Cadet Corps, he would have been 13 or 14 years old and living on the streets. “I didn’t admit it at the time but looking back I know I was not a good kid to my parents…I was in the wrong crowd; the peer pressure was unbelievable.  My parents knew long before I did that something terrible would happen if they didn’t get me into a structured and disciplined program, and they were right.”

Throughout the program, Naqvi learned many valuable lessons. He was able to realise his unlimited potential while understanding the importance of communication, leadership, responsibility, and humility. Now, as a proud graduate of the Calgary Police Cadet Corps, Naqvi hopes to take the skills he has learned and apply them to a career in the Military. “All my revelations brought more self-commitment and stronger engagement. I came away with a clear vision, ambitions for my future, and I am now very focused on achieving those goals.”

Click here to read Naqvi’s full story about his experience with the Calgary Police Cadet Corps.

Acts of Kindness – We have the best choices!

To recognise World Kindness Day, we wanted to give our supporters some ideas for acts of kindness that benefit our city’s most vulnerable and at-risk youth. Simple and impactful acts of kindness help to provide deserving youth access to critical programs throughout the year that work to keep them safe and strong!

Youth at Risk Development Program – Holiday Hampers

Help Calgary’s most vulnerable and at-risk youth experience the joy of giving this holiday season with the YARD Holiday Hamper program!  Many of the youth in the YARD program struggle financially and are not able to buy gifts for their families or enjoy special treats at this time of the year.

This holiday season we are giving YOU the opportunity to help our city’s youth experience the joy of giving and have some holiday fun. We asked our youth to tell us what an awesome gift would be and now we have a Wish List that we hope you can help us fill! 

To drop off your donation please contact us at or call Stephanie at 403-428-8021. No time to shop? No problem! You can also contribute by donating online on our Canada Helps page.

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards from the Calgary Police Foundation are a unique and thoughtful gift for loved ones near and far this holiday season. Imagine sending one to a loved one serving overseas, an elderly grandparent who is unable to travel, or to a child who is away at university for the first time.

A customised Holiday Card is a great way to let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them and wishing them the best this holiday season while helping our city’s most vulnerable and at-risk children stay safe from crime and victimisation.

For a minimum $20 donation, the Calgary Police Foundation will send a holiday card to the person or organisation of your choosing. They will be notified of your generous donation and the impact it has for those who need our help the most.

Say yes today to the gift that keeps on giving and begin spreading holiday cheer for everyone! Click HERE to order yours today!

2020 Calgary Police Service Canine Calendar

See the Calgary Police Service Canine Unit stars in action in the 2020 Canine Calendar! These calendars make fantastic stocking stuffers and are perfect for the dog lover in your life! Calendars are $12 each and all proceeds directly benefit the Calgary Police Foundation and the six incredible youth programs we fund.

Purchase your calendars HERE before they sell out!

Hear Their Stories – Your donations are making a big impact!

Thanks to your generous support, Calgary’s most vulnerable and at-risk kids have access to six impactful Calgary Police Service programs that work to keep them safe and strong. The programs are the Integrated School Support Program (ISSP), the Multi Agency School Support Team (MASST), the Youth at Risk Development program (YARD), YouthLink Police Interpretive Centre, Power Play, and the Calgary Police Cadet Corps. Without the support of CPF funded programs, many of our participants would turn to a life of crime or would be at risk of becoming a victim of it. Your donations make it possible to break that cycle of criminality and ensure Calgary remains a great place to live and raise our families.

One of the best ways to see the impact these programs are having is by hearing directly from the participants and their families. Take a moment to read what people are saying:

“This is all making such a positive difference in Jeff’s life and finally I feel, three years later, that we are through the worst of it.” – Jacqueline, Mother of a child in MASST

“Thank you CPF, ISSP and MASST for pulling our lives out of despair and back into the joy of living each day with renewed enthusiasm and love.” – Angela Matthews, Mother of a child in ISSP and MASST.

“YARD has truly helped shape who I am today, and I know my life would have taken a much darker path if it were not for the people who helped me the most.” – Phillip, graduate of the YARD program.

“I cannot explain how much you did for me, even when I did my best to continue down a dark path.” – Jamie, former MASST student.

“Everything I did in Cadets taught me that I am single-handedly responsible for my own actions. I learned that what happens to me and how I approach and deal with the situation is not up to anyone but myself.” – Matthew, Former Calgary Police Service Cadet.

“What I loved about YouthLink is that I learned things to keep myself safe and to help protect others too. Like how words and phrases can hurt others. Now I know how to stand up to the bullies. And they taught us how bad people will try to lure us on social media. Me and my friends learned so much about drugs and gangs too. YouthLink was the best field trip ever!” – Alador, Grade 6 Student

To learn more about all of the different ways you can support that Calgary Police Foundation, visit our website!

Meet our Board of Directors!

The Calgary Police Foundation is grateful to have such a dedicated Board of Directors. Current Board members are listed below:

  • Brian Ferguson (Board Chair)
  • Grant Stapon
  • Charles W. Fischer
  • Stephanie Felesky
  • Carolina Walls
  • Chris Kucharski
  • Christopher Usih
  • Bonita Croft
  • Chief Constable Mark Neufeld

All Board members volunteer their time and leadership to provide excellent governance for the Calgary Police Foundation.  This month we are pleased to introduce you to Brian Ferguson, Board Chair.

Brian was the first President & Chief Executive Officer of Cenovus Energy and a director of the company for 8 years, starting in 2009. Brian retired from Cenovus in November 2017 finishing a 33-year career with the company.

Brian joined a predecessor company in 1984 and became a member of the Management Team in 1994. His business experience spans a variety of areas including finance, business development, reserves, strategic planning, evaluations and communications.

Brian currently sits on the Board of Directors for both TD and the Trans Mountain Corporation. He is also a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada and was appointed to the federal Minister of Finance’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth. Brian has served on several other boards, including the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) Board of Governors.

Brian is also active in supporting the community. He became Chair of the Calgary Police Foundation in 2011 and, a year later, he was named Calgary’s first Honourary Deputy Police Chief.

Thank-you Brian for your vision, leadership, and volunteer service to the Calgary Police Foundation.

Next Newsletter Due – December 15th, 2019!


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