Congratulations to Mike and Fran Reid

The Calgary Police Commission Community Policing Awards honour individuals, groups, organizations and businesses that contribute in an extraordinary way to improve police policy and the ability of the Calgary Police Service to serve the community.  The Foundation is extremely proud to congratulate Mike and Fran Reid who were selected for this prestigious award in the category of “Corporate Business”.

Mike and Fran Reid are franchise owner/operators of six Tim Horton restaurants in N.E. Calgary and have been supporting the Youth at Risk Development (YARD) program since 2009.

Mike and Fran have been providing an incredible gift to YARD.  Up to 11 YARD teams, comprised of a CPS Officer and a social worker, together work with youth ages 10 to 17 who are at risk of gang activity or exhibiting behaviour which puts them at risk.  The overall caseload averages 110 youth per year.

The Tim Horton’s franchise owner/operators, husband and wife team, have been providing unlimited meal vouchers every year for the YARD teams to provide at-risk youth with a fulfilling meal when they meet with the Officers.  These donors understand that connecting with troubled youth can be most difficult. They also understand that often a day goes by without a hot meal.  They were compelled to help.  They felt the interaction between youth and Officers could be much more effective in a comfortable setting with a hot meal at their restaurants.  The YARD clients and the professional teams are never rushed – they are encouraged enjoy a hot meal, to hang out, and beyond chatting, are even encouraged to stay to play board games.

The Reids’ have been contributing to the community and policing in this manner for over ten years now.  In that time, the program has positively impacted over 1,000 relationships between at-risk youth and the many teams of CPS Officers and social workers.

CPF also congratulates nominee Sergeant Jim Gourley of the CPS Canine Unit, nominated for his commitment and dedication to producing the annual K9 Hero Calendars which is the Foundation’s number one annual fundraiser. 


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