Boston Pizza Badge Day – September 12

Enjoy a great meal at any one of Calgary’s 22 Boston Pizza restaurants on

Thursday, September 12

and support the Calgary Police Foundation while doing so.

The Calgary Police Foundation and Calgary’s 22 Boston Pizza restaurants are excited to announce the first annual “Boston Pizza Badge Day”.  All Boston Pizza restaurants in Calgary will be donating 10% of food sales on Thursday, September 12.  Customers will have the opportunity to support this significant fundraiser by dining-in or ordering through the MyBP app throughout the day and evening. 

Proceeds will be donated to the Calgary Police Foundation which raises $1.7M annually to fund programs that work exclusively with the Calgary Police Service.  The programs help keep vulnerable and at-risk kids out of a life of crime, or from becoming a young victim.

If you are not able to visit a Boston Pizza on September 12, but are interested in supporting the Calgary Police Foundation and it’s important work, click here to make your charitable tax donation.

Members of the Calgary Police Service, where possible and while respecting policing priorities, will endeavor to stop by each restaurant for brief visits between 4:30 – 8:30pm.  This provides a unique engagement opportunity for the public to meet and talk with Calgary Police Officers. 

Boston Pizza believes that every child has the ability to make a difference, and values how important positive role models and mentors are in supporting and inspiring youth. We know Calgary Police Officers are making huge strides with vulnerable kids, and teaching them that Police Officers are safe adults.  We are proud to work together so Calgary kids receive support, guidance and empowerment to become all that they can be.

About the Calgary Police Foundation (CPF)

Through the pillars of education, prevention, and early intervention, the Calgary Police Foundation teaches kids how to stay safe from situations they face every day that parents might not even know about.  Kids who are approached to buy or sell drugs, join gangs, enter into unhealthy relationships, be physically, mentally or cyber bullied, or tricked into danger with online predators.  Kids learn that a Police Officer is a safe adult.  They are armed with life changing and life-saving information – information that helps them make better life choices.  Kids learn strategies on how to speak up, how to stay out of a life of crime, and how to avoid becoming a young victim.  Learn more about the Calgary Police Foundation at

About Boston Pizza and Giving Back to our Community

For over 25 years, Boston Pizza guests have helped raise funds that support children and families in need, creating stronger and healthier communities. To date, the Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects raised and donated over $29 million to charities in communities from coast to coast.  Calgary’s 22 Boston Pizza restaurants are pleased to support local Calgary kids through the new Boston Pizza Badge Day fundraiser.  To learn more about Boston Pizza visit

Thank you for caring about keeping kids safe


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